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Barnard Releases RD Decisions For The Class Of 2023

It’s the day everyone’s been waiting for… Update 3/25, 10:58 am: Now with statistics!

Since we are long past the halcyon days of town criers, we must rely on the Barnard Admissions Office to tell us who has earned safe passage into the class of 2023. Poor substitutes for relaying information (emails) were sent out at 6 PM EST today. Congrats to everyone who got in! (And good luck to everyone who got waitlisted!) Barnard Communications declined to provide data this evening, but said they would “touch base” on Monday morning, so hopefully we’ll have more information next week.

Until then, why not browse where you might live next year?

Update on March 25 at 10:55 AM:  In a press release released Monday morning, Barnard Admissions announced that this year’s class was the most selective in the college’s history. Out of 9,319 applicants, 1,051 were offered admission, making for an acceptance rate of about 11.28%. These admitted students hail from 49 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and 51 countries. 56% of admitted students identify as women of color (a 4% increase from last year, resulting in Barnard’s most diverse admit pool in its history), and 13% identify as first-generation college students. 11% have a family member who is a Barnard alumna.

Congratulations again to admitted students!

Snazzy admissions packet via PresBei’s Instagram

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