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Dear Quad Printers, How Was Your Spring Break?

Newsletter Editor Eva Sher ventured down to the quad basement the night before she flew home for spring break only to find that the printers she usually uses were gone. Completely gone.

Dear Sulzberger Printer A and Brooks Printer A,

How was your spring break? I see that you got to dip from campus early even though I needed you to print my Spirit airlines boarding pass. Where did you guys end up going on your romantic spring break getaway? Cancún, Miami, maybe even Paris? I can only imagine how much fun you must have had, living your best printers lives, enjoying each other’s company in a far off destination rather than your usual routine of printing pages upon pages of random material for first year students. We all need a break from the same old, same old to rest and revitalize.

Did you wrap yourselves in Saran wrap bathing suits as you lounged on Mexican beaches or stare at the paintings hanging in the Louvre, admiring their brush strokes as opposed to your own pixelated masterpieces? I hope my postcard comes in the mail soon.

I hope you had a wonderful time, no matter how jealous I was that you got to leave campus earlier than I could.

Love your biggest fan,


P.S.: I just found out that you were stuffed in the back closet with Sulz Printer B and Brooks Printer B. Yikes, never mind. At least you got to make new friends?

An emotional letter via Flickr.

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