There’s just something special about cats with thumbs…

Bwog’s firsts:

  • Got their first tat!!
  • Saw someone with an entire bottle of vodka in Milstein for the first time
  • Finally met Cocaine, the 6 fingered Q House cat, and fell instantly in love
  • Had a dream about a turtle made of pencil shavings (for the first time)
  • Dressed up as a Soviet prince with a secret double life as a club crawler… for the first time

Bwog does HamDel:

  • Was inspired to eat at Hamilton Deli per Betsy’s post–truly life-changing
  • Ate at HamDel inspired by their own post
  • Ate $30 worth of Hamilton Deli

Bwog doesn’t get drunk:

  • Did Not Get Drunk
  • Didn’t get drunk, but did get high every night
  • Did shots out of JJ’s cardboard sauce cups
  • Ate their weight in spaghetti

Bwog explores the NYC night scene:

  • Spent 3.5 hours on the subway (and 0 hours sleeping) between 6 am and 11 am on Sunday
  • Went to karaoke in K-Town and killed “Baby One More Time.”
  • Observed all the straights at a friend’s birthday party
  • Went to McDonald’s
  • Took a vegetarian to Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Was at 1020 during the daylight savings shift and thought they had blacked out for an hour

Beautiful polydactyl toes via Wikipedia.