Disclaimer: Both Bwog and Dante Alighieri do not condone underage drinking or illegal drug use.

Bwog And The Seventh Circle Of Hell, Reserved For The Violent (Against Neighbors And Against Self)

  • Got their nipple pierced
  • Got a tattoo
  • Told an ex-hookup that they could see his nose hair
  • Got 18 stitches in their butt
  • Witnessed a man sit in someone else’s urine on the subway
  • Sang One Direction songs in the Carman 9 lounge

Bwog And The Third Circle of Hell, Reserved For The Gluttonous

  • Ate too many Dig Inn sweet potatoes and spent 90 minutes writhing in pain on their bed when they got home
  • Bought clothes they don’t need and don’t wear
  • Drank their body’s weight in tea
  • Slept all day on Saturday and Sunday
  • Ubered from 109th to 115th
  • Watched How to Train Your Dragon 3 while stoned
  • Drank A Lot™
  • Took shrooms
  • Took an edible and proceeded to sleep for a whopping 14 hours

Honorable Mention: Reconsidered love, both the concept in general and in the specific

Charon just absolutely fucking beating the sinners onto the boat with his fucking oar via Wikimedia Commons.