Our first installment of Barnard housing reviews for this year, 601 W. 110th St, colloquially known as 110 offers massive rooms in a relaxed environment for students who might want to escape the hustle and bustle of living on 116th St.


  • Nearby dorms: Harmony, Carlton Arms
  • Stores and restaurants: Chipotle, Five Guys, Mel’s, 1020, Absolute Bagels, Westside, H-Mart, CVS, Duane Reade, The Heights, Starbucks, Koronet’s, Gong Cha, pretty much everything you can think of

Cost: Barnard hasn’t released housing prices for next year yet, but this year all housing prices were standardized to $10,435, excluding studio singles in 110, which currently cost $17,000.


  • Bathrooms: At least one bathroom in each suite. The 9-person suites have 2!
  • AC/Heating: Heating, but no AC. The rooms can get really hot, so make sure you have a good fan!
  • Kitchen: Kitchens have fridges, sinks, stoves, and ovens. The kitchenettes in studio singles and some of the smaller suites have all of these minus an oven.
  • Lounge: A lot of the suites have pretty large shared spaces, while the 9-person suites actually have a separate room with a lounge in it, with couches, a table, and a TV.
  • Laundry: All laundry machines are in the basement, and 110 uses a different laundry card than other Barnard dorms.
  • Computers/Printing: None. The closest accessible Paw Print station is in Carlton Arms, a short walk away on 109th & Riverside.
  • Gym: None.
  • Intra-transportation: Two elevators that are pretty spacious and about average speed, as well as two stairways.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: The rooms are all carpet, while the kitchens are usually hardwood. Bathrooms are tile.

Room Variety:

  • Mostly doubles in suites with some triples.
  • Tons of studio singles, as well as a few singles in suites.
  • Suites of 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 people.
  • Doubles, triples, and singles all have MASSIVE rooms!
  • Not all rooms listed on the floor plans are available for room selection, so check out the list of available rooms Barnard Housing sent out!


  • Mostly sophomores and juniors live here, and your lottery number doesn’t have to be super high to get into one of the suites with more people in them.
  • Studio doubles and suites with fewer people require a decently good lottery number, although a lot of people with good numbers ultimately choose suites in the 600s.

Bwog Recommendation:

Although some people might think 110 is too far from campus, it’s a nice “commute” every day, usually around a 6-10 minute walk from campus, depending on where you’re headed to. There are tons of stores and places to eat nearby, so everything is super convenient and you never feel like you’re going out of your way to do errands or grab a bite off campus. The rooms are really big and security is super chill; most of the time you don’t even have to show your ID when you’re walking into the building because the security guards can recognize you. Sometimes, you do dread walking home when it’s really cold outside, but it’s not really that bad of a walk.

Resident Opinions:

  • “I’ve never had problems with 110 unlike some of my friends in other sophomore housing.”
  • “I’d say the only downside is that it makes me sad to walk in the cold. But if I really wanted to I could just take the train, because it’s right here.”
  • “The only thing I don’t like about living here is how hot it gets at night. Even when I sleep with my fan on full blast, I’ll wake up drenched in sweat.”
  • “I like the distance from campus because even though you’re relatively far from campus, it kind of forces you to get ready earlier than you would if you lived closer and be more of a functioning adult.”


pictures via Ramisa Murshed