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Please, Unsubscribe Us From Columbia Midterms

Recently, the Columbia University Sailing Team was sent a concerned email from a CC ’60 alumnus requesting to unsubscribe from the team’s mailing list (see photo below). This brave soldier inspired us, as a collective alumnus of midterm exams, to speak up as well.

I do not know why I have been receiving emails inviting me to what appear to be midterm exams of classes at Columbia. I do not take midterms, I am not currently associated with midterms (except as an alumnus of Columbia College, Class of Spring Break), and I have never signed up for any such list at Columbia. I have tried to unsubscribe but am apparently incapable of navigating the appropriate page.

Kindly remove me from the list. I fear that my emotional health will be hacked if these mails continue, in which case I will be obliged to track down whoever as a prank added my name and e-address to the list of students taking midterms. (I have strong suspicions of the culprit or culprits.)

Thank you for your cooperation.

– Bwog, CC’19

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