There was no CCSC meeting last week, but today they’re back at the Satow Room, with a couple of empty seats (and no livestream).

Yesterday, Student Services Representative Monique Harmon ‘19 resigned from CCSC. In her statement she said “I assume solidarity with Heven and the four former council members that resigned with her,” following the tense events that happened two weeks ago.

This opened a discussion regarding the mechanisms of impeachment on the council during the constitutional review. Some council members expressed that the constitution should specify the circumstances that requires impeachment to refrain from accusing another council member of not fulfilling their duty without grounds.

Ideas included having the head of each CCSC committee remind their committee members about their tasks and duty for the year, and if they are unable to fulfill them, E-Board would do an internal review. Some members wanted to include taking down attendance, their initiatives, and whether or not they have progressed with their initiatives. Another proposal was having the impeachment brought up by the committee leader, letting E-Board do an internal review, and then moving on to the larger body for a vote.

My big question is: how would one justly measure initiative progress? It seems to be an arbitrary method that does not guarantee a fair answer, especially since each council member has unique initiatives and progress is not linear. Perhaps CCSC will be able to come to a fair conclusion that will be beneficial to the future of the council and a better internal relationship between members and ultimately the student body.

Photo via Bwog Archives