Five-person groups in Barnard’s housing lottery picked today; we bring you the triumphs and tribulations that resulted.

While Columbia sophomores scrounged for suites in the John Jay Lounge, groups of Barnard students picked from the comfort of their own laptops in the 5-person lottery. As we mentioned in our post on the senior lottery and 4-person lottery, Barnard’s lottery system is set up in tiers in order to give students the opportunity to regroup and try for larger suites if they do not land their top choices.

Groups in the 5-person lottery favored 620, which has all-single suites popular for their nice common spaces and views of Riverside. Out of the 50 groups registered for this lottery, 10 picked into 620, starting with the 10th-floor suites and working down to the lower floors. The cutoff was 300/15. 11 groups picked into 616 (620’s less-glamorous sister) with a cutoff of 240/26. One group (240/27) picked 600. Three groups opted for bigger spaces but longer commutes by picking CG; this dorm’s cutoff was 200/32. These cutoffs are all fairly close to last year’s numbers (found in this post), though it is notable that no groups in this year’s 5-person lottery picked into 110.

The remaining 25 groups who registered for this lottery, including all but one of the all-rising-junior and all-rising-sophomore groups, did not pick suites. They may scour the Facebook groups for a sixth suitemate and try their luck in the 6-person lottery, or split and pick housing in the 1/2/3 lottery.

You can find all of the data in this post, as well as our calculations on the SR and 4-person lotteries, in this spreadsheet. We’ll be back with more data next Wednesday, after the 6-person lottery takes place. Comment below or email with any questions!