Now that the final stage is over and most have finally caught their breath, Bwog brings you a recap of just what the hell happened in this year’s 1/2/3 housing lottery.

This year’s 1/2/3 lottery was particularly brutal, as all O/N suites and studio singles in 110 were unavailable due to the college renegotiating the lease. While Bwog does not know the fates of these rooms, we do know there will be a studio single waitlist should they be available.

So many rooms being excised from 110, at least in part, led to the guaranteed list claiming many rising sophomores, some juniors, and even some seniors, or 27.3% of everyone registered in the lottery. (This number does not include those who simply didn’t pick during their time, it only those who explicitly signed up for it, so the real number of people on the guaranteed list is even greater. People who didn’t pick during their time have not been included in our counts.) Those with numbers higher than 279 (out of 327 total groups) didn’t even get to pick.

Typically, the 1/2/3 lottery has people scrambling for corridor-style singles and doubles, and some scattered suite-style arrangements here and there (most prominently in 110). Because the SR lottery had already happened, only 71 singles not in suites were available for rising juniors and sophomores. Singles were indeed a hot commodity this year, with the cutoffs for Elliott and Hewitt singles as low as 111/200 and 170/100, respectively.  Sulz Tower doubles also went abnormally fast, with the cutoff at 165/100 (this was the only all-sophomore group that was able to pick into Sulz Tower).

Among the senior picks, 110 and 600 were most popular, with 31.3% and 18.8% picking in, respectively. Hewitt was most popular among the seniors, with 40.2% picking in. 13.1% of juniors picked into Sulz tower doubles. As for the sophomores… well, congratulations to the 12.8% of you who will be 110 residents next semester. And I’m so, so sorry to the 48.5% of you who are awaiting your fate on the guaranteed list. (11.5% of juniors who picked are on the guaranteed list, as are 8.3% of seniors who picked.)

This wraps up our Barnard housing coverage for 2019. All of our data from this year’s lottery can be found on this spreadsheet. Congrats to those who got their dream housing, sorry to anyone disappointed, and good luck to those on the guaranteed list!

Studio singles, we hardly knew ye via Bwog Archives