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Bwoglines: A Surprising Abdication Edition

Also, the new Avengers movie deserves all that hot buzz.

Happening in the world: Emperor Akihoto of Japan will abdicate on Tuesday. This will be the first act of its kind to happen in more than 200 years. (Al Jazeera)

Happening in the U.S.: Avengers: Endgame was a huge box office hit, with a global $1.2 in its opening weekend. (Fortune)

Happening in NYC: This Thursday, New York City pre-Kindergarten teachers plan to walk out and strike against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature educational achievement of free, universal pre-K for all of the city’s 4-year-olds. (Chalkbeat)

Happening (sort of) near campus: This evening, the design studio Metaheaven will present their cinematic work that shows the “way of field reporting an indeterminate present”, at the Museum of Modern Art. Check the Facebook event for more details.

Song of the day: Shiggy by Sports (feat. KeithCharles). Listened to this captivating and smooth song on repeat all weekend.

Badass strut via Wikimedia Commons.

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