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Bwoglines: Deadly Tornadoes Edition

Someone, please stop all this madness.

Happening in the world: On a tight margin of 0.2%, Finland’s Social Democrat party leader Antti Rinne won in the general election. If final results confirm, Rinne could be Finland’s first leftwing Prime Minister since 2003. (Reuters)

Happening in the US: On Saturday, across East Texas to Mississippi, a deadly tornado has killed at least three people. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant declared a state of emergency the next day. The tornado storm has continued through the weekend, hitting areas of Ohio, Pennsylvania and southern New York to northern Florida. (AccuWeather)

Happening in New York City: On Sunday, a student had died at Fordham University after falling from the Bronx campus’ bell tower. The 22-year-old senior had fallen through an opening in the landing just a month before graduation. (NY Times)

Happening on campus: Tonight, come to the Zuckerman Institute for an event that discusses the relationship between the brain’s decision making and jazz improvisation. Registration is required, and seats are first come, first serve. Check the Facebook event for more details.

Song of the day: “Rude Boy” by Mr Twin Sister.


Deadly disaster via Wikipedia.

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