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Bwoglines: Episode IX, The Rise Of Powhei Edition

The weather is beautiful! That is all, but while you’re here, see what you missed this week in our Saturday Bwoglines!

Happening in the World: The now famous image of the black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy now has a name! Its name is Powhei, a Hawaiian phrase meaning “embellished dark source of unending creation.” The name came from Larry Kimura, a Hawaiian language professor at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, who was tasked with the name after astronomers approached him about it, seeing as 2 of the 8 telescopes used were in Hawai’i. Powhei was chosen because of its roots in an 18th-century Hawaiian chant, combining the repeated terms ‘po’ and ‘whei’ in the story. (CNN)

Happening in the US: Pharmacy chain, Rite Aid, has announced that within the next 90 days it will no longer be selling e-cigarettes and vaping products. The chain announced that this move came from the concern that they were fueling tobacco use for middle-school and high-school students. While they acknowledge that e-cigarettes are used by adults to quit smoking, they decided to quit selling them due to their growing popularity among underage consumers. However, the chain will continue to sell traditional tobacco products. (NYTimes)

Happening in NYC: On April 21, a fare raise will go into effect for certain types of MTA fares. The lovely bonuses for Pay-per-Ride Metrocards will be entirely eliminated. In addition, the price of all Unlimited Ride Passes with be increased (30 Day will increase from $121 to $127, 7 Day from $32 to $33, and 7 Day Express Bus Plus from $59.50 to $62). However, the base fare of $2.75 (if you use a Pay-per-Ride Metrocard) will be staying the same, as will the single ride passes will be staying at $3. (MTA)

Happening on Campus: Part II of Barnard and Columbia Admitted Students weekend is happening! That’s why all the balloons are up, I think.

Documentary of the Week: Not a documentary, but Star Wars Episode IX trailer, looks way better than the Last Jedi already. Watching Rey do that wild backflip? It single-handedly cleared my skin and gave me a 4.0 GPA. However, what ? was that laugh at the end ? why is Palpatine here ? And was that the remnants of the Death Star?

hole pic via ESO via Wikimedia Commons

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