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Science 101: So What Are You Doing This Summer?

Did your relatives ask invasive questions about your future plans this Thanksgiving? Maybe they did or maybe they didn’t, but Mary Clare Greenlees: Bwog’s Deputy Editor, resident Astrophysics major, and stress baker extraordinaire, is going to tell you how to snag that fun summer research internship all the cool kids are talking about. This is… […]

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Cooking With Bwog: Apple Potato Fries Feat. A Fried Egg

As an attempt to keep approximately 10 leftover bratwursts from a baseball team cookout from going bad, Deputy Editor Mary Clare Greenlees’ Mom found a peculiar apple/brat/potato dish that she wanted to recreate now that it’s fall, aka prime apple season. 

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Bwoglines: Dragonfly Is Set To Fly Edition

Guess who’s sending a car-sized “drone” back to Saturn (technically Saturn’s moon, Titan)? You’re right! NASA’s at it again. 

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Cooking With Bwog: Chocolate Lava Cakes

Deputy Editor Mary Clare Greenlees got immensely bored Friday night, so she decided to walk to the 93rd Street Trader Joe’s and stop by TJMaxx with the sole purpose of making real Chocolate Lava Cakes. And with a combined prep and cook time of 30 minutes, what’s not to love? 

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Waking Up With Bwog: Go Cubs Go! Edition

 After a day of rain, sunny days are ahead for the last few days of NSOP. Enjoy the last two days before the rest of campus returns for the Fall! If you got any fun NSOP stories or just overheard the weirdest conversation, send us a line at or fill out our lovely form. 

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Bwoglines: May The Fourth Be With You Edition

The stars truly aligned so that the Daily Editor majoring in Astrophysics would get this day. Today’s May 4th, aka Star Wars day (get it…may the fourth (force) be with you??). Celebrate this momentous occasion with an entire space edition of Bwoglines!

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