gonna ask him if he’d pick oral sex over cheese

What’s even impressive than receiving an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony)? Getting a Senior Wisdom. 

Spring has sprung, final papers are approaching, everyone lost their AirPods at Bacchanal. This can only mean one thing: it’s time to nominate the coolest, nicest, most stylish, randiest graduating seniors you know for Senior Wisdoms. Or maybe just someone who will have something interesting to say.

For the uninitiated, Senior Wisdoms are brief interviews Bwog conducts with graduating seniors. Read some past goodies here. They’re a graduating senior’s last chance to impart some words of wisdom to impressionable youth before getting the f*ck out of Morningside Heights. Anyone can nominate a senior, so yes, you can ask your mom to nominate you if need be.

To nominate someone for a Senior Wisdom, fill out this anonymous Google Form. All you need is to submit your special someone’s name, uni, school, and a brief explanation of why the world needs to hear their, uh, wisdom. Send any questions or additional information to tips@bwog.com. We are only accepting nominations for seniors who are graduating this semester, aka spring 2019. The deadline is midnight on Saturday, April 20th.

Image via Max Pixel.