A Bwogger is now filled with love for Barnard Public Safety.

I was walking to my friend’s dorm late on Wednesday night when a man yelled at me,
“Hey, where you going with an ass that fat?”
Obviously, I kept walking. He began to follow me and proceeded to whistle and jeer at me. I called for my friend to make sure she was waiting at the door for me, and soon enough I was safely inside. This isn’t going to be a rant about catcalling, or even a rant at all. This is a Bwog Love Post for Barnard Public Safety.
When I was ready to leave my friend’s dorm, I still felt uneasy about walking back by myself, given how far I was from home. So I listened to the phrase that was drilled into me during NSOP: I called Public safety. They answered immediately. A gentle male voice (with a moderate to severe New York accent) said, “No problem, I’ll be right there.” Within minutes, he was at the door of the building. I ran to the car, which I think he read as me being nervous (I’m just a boisterous person), so he said “Hey hey it’s okay, you don’t need to run. It’s all good.” Every time I said something that might indicate nervousness or fear from what had happened, he responded in a calm, caring way. There was nothing condescending about this, he just wanted me to feel calm and safe.
While he drove me back, I thanked him about four times for getting me, to which he said “No need to thank me, it’s not a problem at all. Please call any time.” Obviously that’s what they’re supposed to say. But it was just so genuine. Like, he was so careful about not making me feel like a burden without coddling me or being weird about it. At one point, he even said “Y’know, I was just about to walk to Morton Williams to get some food, but since you called , I get to take the car to West Side Market now! So technically I should be thanking you for getting me out of the office and giving me an excuse to go to the better grocery store.” (HOW WHOLESOME IS THAT???)
After chatting about supermarkets, we arrived in front of my dorm. Again, I thanked him, and again, he told me to call any time. Do you ever feel so cared for that you feel like crying? I get that it’s his job. Really, I do. But he’s really good at it. Like, there are so many ways that car ride could have went. He was sweet, but again, not in a condescending/“Aww, you poor baby :(((” way. He was so kind and gentle, and even though I wasn’t all that shaken up, I was still so, so grateful. He had such Wholesome Dad Vibes that I couldn’t even deal.
I mentioned this story to someone on my floor, and she said she had never heard of anyone calling Public Safety. After hearing my story, she said she’ll be sure to actually give them a call next time she needs something.
I don’t know what I expected. Nothing bad, of course. But this was just such a good experience. So, to all of you, I say: If you ever need to, JUST CALL PUBLIC SAFETY!! They’re so good! Just do it! Maybe if you’re lucky, Joseph will pick you up and tell you about his favorite grocery stores.
Getting in that Public Safety car be like via Picpedia.