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Housing Coverage 2019, Day 1

This is not a drill, a prank, a joke, an April Fool’s scheme, or even a Bacchanal publicity stunt. Columbia Housing Selection 2019 is now LIVE and in ACTION! If you’re not quite as ready as we are, don’t worry. We’ll be giving you the rundown in our annual coverage, happening every day during room selection in these next two weeks.

Below, you’ll find a spreadsheet with exactly how many rooms/suites are available in each dorm. We also have a liveblog, with updates about which lottery number just picked, where that group is living, and how many snacks they stole from the event on the way out. If your housing appointment is today, you’ll see us sitting on a couch outside the Cage (the little room where you pick into your future suite). Please, please respond to us when we shout questions at you. It’s all to help your fellow students. Plus, we have prizes.

Don’t despair via Bwog Staff

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  • help says:

    @help why re there only 2/1 4-person ruggles suites?

  • youngweon says:

    @youngweon jenny pls fix the ruggles count i am Dying

    1. Betsy Ladyzhets says:

      @Betsy Ladyzhets our Ruggles counts are accurate now!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Double check the Woodbridge counts please!

    1. Zoe Sottile says:

      @Zoe Sottile just updated woodbridge counts!

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous what is a flat

    1. Zoe Sottile says:

      @Zoe Sottile a two-person apartment in EC that share a bathroom and kitchen but have no common space; they have two really big singles tho

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous can you update the ec suite count plzzz

    1. Zoe Sottile says:

      @Zoe Sottile updating just for u bb

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous what is EC H?

    1. Zoe Sottile says:

      @Zoe Sottile H indicates that the suite is a townhouse!

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