On the third day of housing selection, my true love gave to me, five bags of Haribo gummy bears from the Housing concessions table. We’re hoping that the third day of housing selection will bless you with more than just Haribo gummy bears, and that you receive a pick into your dream room along with all of your sugar content for the day. What are some the hottest picks left, you ask? One more 6-person (4 singles/1 double) suite in Harmony, one more 5-person suite in Claremont, and quite a few 6 and 8-person suites in Ruggles.

To help you along in the process, we have provided a liveblog below, as well as a Google spreadsheet with a count of how many rooms/suites in each dorm are left. Sending lots of good luck, and as always feel free to ask your questions or housing concerns in the comments below!

The first lottery pick from day 1 of housing via Bwogger