It’s crunch time, and the selection for juniors is getting more and more limited. The rest of the junior-only housing groups will be picking today, with junior regroup happening at the end of the afternoon.

Some highlights so far: while Woodbridge suites went surprisingly fast this year, there’s still one more 6-person suite in Harmony, as well as a few more Watt studio doubles and Nussbaum (or “Wu,” or “600,” or whatever you will) doubles with private bathrooms. There are three more 7-person Claremont suites, but there are also three more 7-person housing groups picking tomorrow, so there’s a very slim (but existent) chance that otherwise-unlucky rising juniors could pick into Claremont during regroup.

You know the drill by now. Below is a spreadsheet with our counts of rooms/suites left in each dorm, along with our liveblog for the day. And if the snacks pictured above are not to console you through these trying times. Good luck and godspeed!

Beautiful shot of the concessions stand via Columbia Housing’s Facebook