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Housing Reviews 2019: 47 Claremont

In search of a suite in your housing selection? There’s no need to fear; 47 Claremont has your back without forcing you to give up much of anything.

Location: shockingly, 47 Claremont

  • Nearby dorms: Get ready to make some friends from Barnard. While most of Columbia’s dorms are rather distant, Elliot, the 600s and the Quad are relatively close by.
  • Stores and restaurants: Pretty far from most things: you’ll relatively easy access to Diana and Peet’s in the Milstein Center. The closest off-campus eatery to the south is Morton Williams. You might find yourself frequenting some places farther north of campus to make up for it.

Cost: The projected cost for upperclassman housing for 2019/2020 is $9,872/year. It won’t be officially set until July.


  • Bathrooms: One private bathroom per suite, cleaned twice weekly.
  • AC/Heating: No A/C, but yes to heating.
  • Kitchen: One in every suite. A little narrow but comes with an oven, microwave, a large refrigerator and a decent amount of cabinet/counter space.
  • Lounge: The kitchen is the only common space in the suite and there are no floor lounges. There is a TV lounge in the basement (renovated in 2016) that has A/C.
  • Laundry: Free in the basement, renovated in 2016.
  • Computers/Printing: There’s a small computer lab in the basement with a printer. A printer in the lobby for those time when you have a paper due and you’re on your way to class.
  • Gym: Installed in 2016 with two treadmills and a
  • Intra-transportation: One pretty slow elevator. The building is only 6 stories high but it is the only way to get to the basement
  • Hardwood/Carpet: Hardwood everywhere except the kitchen and bathroom
  • Bonus (if applicable): There are fire escapes but you aren’t technically allowed on them.

Room variety:

  • 10 7-person suites (1 super small single, 1 medium single, 1 large single, and 2 large doubles)
  • 1 6-person suite on first floor (1 double/4 singles)
  • 1 5-person suite on first floor (1 double/3 singles)
  • 6 4-person suites (all singles)
  • 6 3-person suites (all singles)


  • 7-person suites: 10/2645 (18/19); 20/2387 (17/18)
  • 6-person suite: 26.6667/2909 (18/19); 20/2520 (17/18)
  • 5-person suite: 20/2224 (18/19); 20/2856 (17/18)
  • 4-person suites: 30/2370 (18/18); 20/260 (17/18)
  • 3-person suites: 30/2228 (18/19); 30/2163 (17/18)

Bwog recommendation:

Do you like recently renovated amenities? Do you enjoy slightly longer walks than the rest of your peers (except those who live in Carlton Arms? Then Claremont is a great choice for the highly independent junior or senior looking for a slightly off-campus feel. You get a private bathroom (though in 7-person suites this can get kind of crowded) and there’s the potential you could end up in a very small single. Additionally, those looking for a social dorm will find themselves disappointed. There are no real communal spaces in individual suites aside from a narrow kitchen and there’s no real building lounge either. In general, Claremont is an underappreciated choice for those looking for a suite, certain amenities, or a feeling of independence in their junior or senior years.

Resident opinions:

  • “Like: it is renovated and comfortable. Nice to have a kitchen. Dislike: potential to get a very small room. Cramped, especially in one of the 7-person suites. The suites with less people are good though, I think. Dislike: can be a bit of a walk to some places.”

slept on sleeping spaces via a lovely reader 

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