Bwog’s first housing review of the day is a perennial sophomore favorite and junior “ok, I guess” – 600 W. 113th St, or The Building Formerly Known As Nussbaum. Although, now that the titular restaurant is re-opening and re-branding, maybe we should call it…Wu? 

Location: 600 W. 113th Street (between Broadway and Riverside)
Nearby dorms: Watt, Broadway, Hogan, Brownstones, McBain
Nearby Stores/Restaurants: Wu and Nussbaum, Milano Market, Junzi, Dig Inn, Tom’s, International
Class Makeup: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
Cost: Standardized at $9,872/year

Cleaning: Weekly recycling and biweekly bathroom and kitchen cleaning – you take out the trash yourself
Lounge: TV lounge in basement, and each of the suites have their own (very small) lounge
Kitchen: Private kitchen in each suite
Bathroom: Private bathroom in each suite – but some bedrooms have their own bathrooms ~further within~
AC: No
Floor: Lucky, it’s mostly hardwood
Laundry: Free laundry available in basement                                                                                                          Computers/Printers: There are no public computers, but there is a printer in the lobby.
Gym: Gotta go to Dodge.
Intra-transportation: There are two elevators, but they can be painfully slow, so you’ll have to opt for the stairs if you’re running late to anything. Sorry if you’re on the 9th floor or something.
Wifi: Relatively fast Wifi and Ethernet are both available.

Room Breakdown:
Nuss comprises six floors of the building, with 35 total singles and 82 total doubles. Some of the doubles are walk-through doubles, which is good if you want a little more privacy.

Last year, the singles all went to seniors, with the cutoff at 30/2975. Sophomores have more luck with the doubles and walk-through doubles, whose cutoffs were 10/2276 and 10/2388, respectively.

Bwog Recommendations:

Location, location, location! Nuss gets a lot of points for being really close to everything – great restaurants, the subway, frat row, etc. You’re probably *meh* about the lack of AC and about having to live in a double, but let’s face it – you were probably going to have to do that anyway, and Nuss is a LOT nicer than McBain. It depends on what room you get, sure, but some of them have high ceilings, bay windows, and river views so nice you’ll feel like you’re in Woodbridge or something. A very solid choice for rising sophomores. Juniors – better luck next time?

Resident Opinions:

  • “Nuss is quiet, but not oppressively so. Although there are parties on weekends, they won’t keep you up on weeknights.”
  • “Nuss used to be known as a more antisocial dorm, but due to the demand for McBain, there seems to be more sociable people in Nuss in recent years.”
  • “Some Nuss rooms can be beautiful, others less so.”
  • “Suite living can be a blessing or a curse. The walls are thin, so if you end up as a quiet one in a relatively loud suite, you may struggle. Shared bathrooms and living spaces tend to get dirty quickly, despite efficient maintenance and cleaning.”