Next up in our Barnard housing lineup is 116—the middle child of the 600s. Not considered as responsible as 600, but also not as adorable and exonerable (word?) as 620. Here we go!

Location: 620 w. 116 st. between Broadway and Riverside; right at the birth of Claremont ave.

Nearby dorms: 600, 620, Claremont, Elliot, Woodbridge, The Quad.

Stores and restaurants: Morton Williams, Pret, Shake Shack, Broadway food trucks during lunch, one (1) Halal cart.
Cost: Barnard hasn’t released housing prices for next year yet, but this year all housing prices were standardized to $10,435.

Amenities: Piano lounge and cable TV on the first floor, computer lab, vending machines, designated trash rooms

Bathrooms: One bathroom per each suite. Two (slept on) single-use bathrooms in the first-floor lounges.

AC/Heating: Heating, but no AC. Those old school accordion things that whistle and get really hot.

Kitchen: Kitchens have fridges, sinks, stoves, and ovens. BYOM (microwave).

Lounge: Some suites have separate common areas for dining, others have kitchens with tables inside.
Laundry: All laundry machines are in the basement; way more washers/dryers than 616 so you should always be able to get at least one empty machine even during those busy Sundays.
Computers/Printing: Large computer lab with 2 printers & 2 iMacs (and many many PCs).
Gym: None.
Intra-transportation: Two updated elevators.
Hardwood/Carpet: All rooms have a very sad linoleum.
Room Variety: Mostly doubles, some singles. Suite sizes range from 5 people-7 people. No triples or anything like that. No no no…
Numbers: This is a mostly Junior dorm. Seniors will be able to get the best rooms here, will be tough for sophomores, but Juniors will have a healthy chance at getting something good here.
Bwog Recommendation: 616 is a great dorm for groups of five and six. While you very well may end up having a roommate, your double will definitely be spacious with large windows. The 616/620 shaft is not as bad as one may think, especially if you land a higher floor. Don’t let fear of a day-long dark room deter you from living here. Having a large laundry room and printers in the lobby is very convenient and has saved at least one bwogger’s ass many times. Unlike 620, 616 has a trash room, which is nice for keeping the halls tidy.

Resident Opinions:

  • Kitchen is small and it sucks not having a separate common space
  • I brought a separate shelf to store all my cooking stuff/food because there was hardly enough cabinet space for six people’s stuff
  • Bathroom is weirdly big but nice having space.
  • Sometimes my heater sings to me?