Schapiro tends to get overlooked, but its convenient location and decent amenities make it a good option for sophomores scared of McBain and juniors seeking singles. 

Location: 605 West 115th Street

  • Nearby dorms: Furnald, Woodbridge, River
  • Stores and restaurants: Shake Shack, MoWillie, Sweetgreen, Starbucks, Ferris. Whatever you want: it’s also close to the subway station.

Cost: Upperclassmen rates are standardized at $9,872/year for 2019-20.

  • Bathrooms: Communal bathrooms, one for women and one for men on each floor, and a single-stall gender-neutral bathroom.
  • AC/Heating: Has both!!!
  • Kitchen: Big shared kitchen in each floor lounge.
  • Lounge: Each floor has a lounge with comfy furniture and a big TV. There’s also a building lounge on the first floor and the Stephen Donaldson Lounge, a dedicated space for LGBTQ students.
  • Laundry: Decent laundry room in the basement.
  • Computers/Printing: Computer lab and PawPrint on the first floor.
  • Fire Escapes: Nope.
  • Gym: None. But hey, it’s not that far from Dodge.
  • Bike Storage: None.
  • Intra-transportation: Three fast and spacious elevators.
  • Hardwood/carpet: Hardwood.
  • Bonus: Music practice rooms in the basement, beautiful sky lounge on the 17th floor, and a dance room on the first floor.

Room Variety:

  • 245 singles, which range from around 100 to 120 sq. ft.
  • 69 standard doubles, usually between 170 and 200 sq. ft.
  • 16 walk-through doubles. One of these on each floor; they’re awkwardly shaped and not usually popular options.


  • Last year’s cutoff for singles was 11.667/349. A sure shot for juniors and a maybe for sophomores with exceptional lottery numbers.
  • Last year’s cutoff for doubles was 10/2953. A good alternative to McBain for sophomores.
  • Last year’s cutoff for walk-through doubles was 10/2505.

Bwog Recommendation: 

Schapiro is a nice dorm in a good location. The corridor style can make it feel a little lonely, so it’s not the best for students seeking a residential community. Sophomores will probably find a Schapiro double cleaner and quieter but less social than one in McBain. Juniors can enjoy a little solitude and decent facilities. Maximize your Schapiro experience by choosing a room on a higher floor with a good view. The music practice rooms and LGBTQ lounge are Schapiro’s distinguishing strengths.

Resident Opinions:

  • “Great location between campus and Riverside.”
  • “I’ve gotten to know maybe half the people on my hall and we sort of hang out and talk a bunch in the common area. It’s not particularly social – just like friendly neighbors.”
  • “Shapiro is honestly fine. The location is convenient, having A/C is nice for your first month and we have a good sized double. It’s super quiet and and people don’t know how to pick up after themselves. Also if you don’t want people to use your shit in the kitchen without permission…I’m sorry.”
  • “Back-facing rooms have very little natural light. Bathrooms are too small on the lower floors.”
  • “Singles with AC are nice. Common rooms are really nice.”
  • “There was mold on the shower curtains.”
  • “A pretty quiet dorm, but a nice place to live regardless. Three elevators means that even if one is acting up you can always get one fairly quickly. Lower floor bathrooms have no windows, so make of that what you will. Laundry is crowded during the normal times but is never too bad. Plus, super close to like everything.”

Images via Bwogstaff.