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More Events And More Funding In GSSC

In the penultimate General Studies student council meeting of the semester, the council prepares to wrap up the semester on a good note! Bwogger Andrew Chee has the recap from last night.

GSSC started off with several quick updates, most importantly that the council would be meeting with Dean Rosen-Metsch to discuss the allocation of funds with regards toward food security, as well as the search for the new Dean of Students. Dean Rosen-Metsch will be here next week for the last GSSC meeting for the semester to discuss future plans on these topics, so stay tuned!

Extended advising hours from 5 to 7 pm during registration times was announced to be quite successful; the hours are intended to assist working students, students with families, and other students who could not make the usual hours otherwise. With in-person and Skype advising sessions, the advising office is going to determine if extended hours will continue next year during registration, the week before, or both, based on usage rates.

Co-sponsorship Requests

Columbia University Family Support Network, which runs programs for families on campus. This Saturday, April 27, they will be hosting Spring Fling at 11 am, which is a spring themed lunch. With half of the expected turnout from GS students, they were originally asking for $700 in funding, but the request was amended to $1330 as SGB did not provide the funds despite agreeing to. GSSC passed a motion to fund the entire event for $1330, with the hope but not necessarily the expectation that SGB will come through and fund what they originally agreed upon.

The upcoming Senior Cruise is lacking in halal options, so the council passed a motion to fund $650 for the seniors on the cruise to receive more and better halal options.

Upcoming Events

Around the World will take place on Friday, April 26 from 3 to 5 pm in Dodge plaza, with the rain location occurring in Lewisohn. There will be Brazilian, German, and Chinese food, as well as other goodies from South Korea, Greece, and Russia. As always, there will be kosher options.

The final Senior Lerner Pub will occur on May 2nd from 8:30 to 11:30 pm in the Diana Oval. Bring a guest!

First Year End of Year Party will take place on May 3rd at Mel’s. There will be drink tickets for alcohol, milkshakes, and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, as well as food. First years can also bring a guest! Check the Eventbrite link on the Facebook page to get tickets.

A Ramadan event will occur on May 10th in Lewisohn, with halal and kosher food, of course. More details to follow as the date approaches.

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