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Spring 2019 CCSC, ESC Election Results Released

You’ve seen the posters. You’ve liked the Facebook pages. And you (maybe) voted for your preferred candidates. Without further ado, the results for CCSC and ESC Executive Boards, At-Large Representatives, University Senators, and 2019, 2020, 2021 Class Councils are as follows:


  • Senate: Heven Haile, Ramsay Eyre
  • Executive Board
    • President: Patricia Granda-Malaver (CU Change)
    • VP for Policy: Henry Feldman (CU Change)
    • VP for Finance: Sarah Radway (CU Change)
    • VP for Communications: Blessing Utomi (CU Change)
    • VP for Campus Life: Jesús Guerra Ocampo (IGNITE)
  • At-Large Representatives
    • Academic Affairs: Zayba Qamar
    • Alumni Affairs: Yasna Vismale
    • Disability Services: Robert Vogel
    • Financial Security and First Generation: Jaine Archambeau
    • Gender and Sexuality: Kwolanne Felix
    • International Students: Joon Baek
    • Pre-Professional: Brooks Rubin
    • Race and Ethnicity: Colby King
    • Student Services: Layla Tabbal, Aaron Hibshoosh
  • Class Councils
    • 2020: James Ritchie (President), Karina Feliciano (VP), Madison Harden (Rep), Céline Bacha (Rep), Benjamin Kaplan (Rep)
    • 2021: Riley Swain (President), Maryam Elsayed (VP), Jasleen Chaggar (Rep), Jaime Gonzalez (Rep), Gabriel Garon (Rep)
    • 2022: Andy Baran (President), Rads Mehta (VP), Brandon Shi (Rep), Leighlani Sanchez (Rep), Jimmy Park (Rep)


  • Senate: Joe Hier
  • Executive Board
    • President: Alina Ying (SEAS the Change Δ)
    • VP for Policy: Estevan Mesa (SEAS the Change Δ)
    • VP for Finance: Sophia Sagandyk (SEAS the Change Δ)
    • VP for Communications: Adheli Gonzalez (SEAS the Change Δ)
    • VP for Student Life: Bret Silverstein (SEAS the Change Δ)
  • At-Large Representatives*
    • Disability and Accessibility Issues: Ahmet Cem Karadeniz
    • International Students: Katherine Liu
    • Race and Ethnicity: Sabina Thomas
  • Class Councils**
    • 2020: Sambhav Jain (President), Lal Uncu (VP), Young Jae Ryu (Rep), William Fesjian (Rep)
    • 2021: Kalisa Ndamage (President), Ethan Thayumanavan (Rep)
    • 2022: Naomi Kim (President), Stephanie Guo (VP), Nicholas Mijares (Rep)

*The positions of Academic Affairs Representative, Campus Affairs Representative, Combined Plan 3-2 Representative, Representative for First Generation and Low-Income Issues, Representative for Gender Identity and Sexuality Issues, Sustainability Representative, Student Groups Representative, Technology Representative, Professional Development and Alumni Affairs Representative, Pre-Professional Representative, Student Services Representative, and Vice President for the Class of 2021 are unelected, possibly due to a lack of interest. You can express your interest in the positions here

**There will be a special election between candidates Tanner Treasure and Eugene Fung for the second Class of 2022 Representative.

Neither council meets in here via Bwog Archives

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Where is an article mentioning Heven Halle threatening to resign unless Henry is impeached for being white and accusing her of cheating?

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