This week, Bwogger Andrew Chee reviews GSSC reviewing their budget. You too can review GSSC yourself every Tuesday at 8:15 pm in the Jed Satow Room in Lerner.

Columbia Health & Well-being

Columbia Health is looking to define what “well-being” means and entails for the greater community, and to that end, they posed three questions for the council to answer.

The first question was “What does it mean to be well?”, with answers ranging from being okay with yourself and where you are, not having stressors such as food insecurity, having a healthy work/life balance, and understanding the mental, emotional, and physical components of wellness.

The second question was “What makes a community well or healthy?”, and the council shared thoughts such as members being comfortable lifting each other up, having common spaces to congregate with no barriers to entry, and overall mutual support.

The final question was “What do you believe are the two or three most important issues that must be addressed to improve health and well-being in the Columbia community?”. The obvious answer is stress culture, and even more obviously, a clear-cut solution to stress culture was not proposed. One member of the council suggested that the “primary source of stress culture is stress culture itself”, which seems rather lacking in depth and nuance, to say the least. Otherwise, other students replied with answers such as the problems of Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and the Health Center, which include being seen within a reasonable amount of time and being given satisfactory care that properly addresses the needs of students.

GSSC Elections (2019-2020)

There will be an info session for elections for GSSC for the upcoming school year in Fairchild 601, tonight on April 3rd from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. The Intent to Run form is due April 4th, and there will also be a meeting about the rules of the election next week.


In an overly convoluted report, the budget was at times described as being in a deficit for the Joint Council Co-sponsorship Committee (JCCC) while simultaneously being in a surplus for GSSC’s contribution to the committee. In any case, all other committees and budgets were fairly clearly in a budget, and JCCC’s deficit is planned to be filled by the surplus from the Capital Investment Fund (CIF) and the other councils.

Upcoming Events

  • Game of Thrones Season Premiere – Sunday, April 14th at 9 pm in Mathematics. There will be a “brunch” in the evening, from 6 to 9 pm.
  • GS Barnard picnic – Thursday, April 18th from 1 to 4 pm in front of Dodge and Lewisohn, with kosher prime rib, barbecue, and ice cream
  • Travel the World – Friday, April 26th from 3 to 5 pm. More information to follow as it approaches.

GS Gala

Don’t resell your tickets at a higher price. If you are receiving a subsidized ticket you cannot resell the ticket. Finally, if you are receiving a subsidized ticket, you cannot request a subsidized ticket for your date as well.