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Bwog In Bed: Don’t Strip My Electrons! Edition

Bwog hits you with some hot study AND procrastination tips! To spice things up, here’s a fun astronomy headline to get you through finding a seat in Milstein!

Bwogline: Through data taken from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, it has been revealed that some of the universe’s earliest galaxies were brighter than expected. The excess light is a byproduct of ionizing radiation, which occurs when electrons in neutral hydrogen atoms are stripped in a collision. But, the real question is, where did all this radiation come from? The team examined 135 galaxies under two different wavelengths of infrared light, and found that the galaxies were home to young, massive stars primarily made of Hydrogen and Helium-with small amounts of “heavy elements” that are present in modern stars. This discovery will hopefully give us an insight into the early Universe and the early evolution of stars and galaxies! (Astronomy Now)

Study Tip: If you cannot sit still for long periods of time(like me), change scenery every few hours! Spend 2-3 hours at one location, and then take a mini break walking around Morningside Park while you decide what your next study spot will be. The break is a great time to shake your legs out and get your energy up again, put on headphones and put on your favorite playlist or podcast to walk around to!

Music: “Night Go Slow” by Catey Shaw.

Procrastination Tip:  Play a (silly) game from your childhood! I spent an hour in Lerner playing Wizard101 (the marble? Countertops on 3 West keep my laptop from overheating when running it) and it was really fun and therapeutic. Good alternative: Poptropica (so many islands!)

Overseen: 7 seats in a row saved at the long table facing the windows on the third floor of Milstein.

a saucy collection of stars gathering in the ‘Downtown’ Milky Way via NASA/JPL-Caltech

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