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Dumbest Reasons Bwog Has Been Signed Into Dorms

We all know (and hate) the sign in policies implemented across the university. Bwoggers are here to share our stories of the dumbest reasons we’ve had to be signed into dorms of different colleges.

Barnard Students:

  • Last week, someone was taking forever in the bathroom in the John Jay lobby and I really needed to pee. So I asked Bwog’s very own Jeffrey to come sign me in. I literally need a sign in to pee.
  • I was at a Carman party, got too drunk, signed out of Carman, realized I forgot my room key and license upstairs, needed a sign in to get it back.
  • had to get signed into a BARNARD DORM bc i didn’t have the “spring 2019” sticker on my ID – spring semester hadn’t even started yet!!
  • I got signed into EC once just to make dumplings but it was on a party night, and I didn’t want to line up to get it so I gave them an old fake and never went back to get my ID so it’s probably still there.
  • I once had to get signed in to Hartley my freshman year because I was going through a phase in which I wanted to be really good at pool, but the only pool tables on campus are for “C” “C” and “SEAS.”
  • I have had to hustle numerous sign ins for my WBAR guests :(

CC Students:

  • I left my ID in Plimpton and didn’t wanna go back so just tried to get signed into my dorm; THEN they wouldn’t take my learner’s permit because it was expired and so I had to go all the way back to Plimp.
  • I forgot my ID in my room, but brought my wallet with me, so I made the person whose party I was going to come down and sign me in so I didn’t have to go all the way back.

responses edited for clarity

Brooks via Bwog Archives

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Just follow someone in. It works for political campaigning in apartment buildings

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