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Housing Reviews 2019: Hartley

Meet the LLC’s alphabetically-premier half, Hartley.

Location: Hartley Hall

  • Nearby dorms: Wallach, John Jay, Carman, Furnald (Wallach and John Jay are connected internally)
  • Stores and restaurants: Strokos, Arts & Crafts, The New York Basics, Town Drug, whatever else is on Amsterdam
  • Also takes about two minutes to get to classes in Hamilton

Cost: $9,538/year (standard rate for upperclassmen)


  • Bathrooms: Each suite has a bathroom with around four showers, cleaned twice weekly.
  • AC/Heating: no AC, and it gets stuffy af when it’s hot out. Heating situation is fine.
  • Kitchen: Every suite has its own kitchen, with an oven, stove, sink, microwave, and cabinet space (and real-life dishwashers!), but residents are in charge of cleaning them.
  • Lounge: Each suite has a living room area with some chairs and couches (which residents have to clean), and the first floor also has a large lounge with pool tables, Foosball, and ping-pong (very nice).
  • Laundry: Large laundry center shared with Wallach in the basement.
  • Computers/Printing: Computer lab on the first floor.
  • Gym: Go to Dodge like the rest of the plebeians.
  • Elevators: 2, not the greatest, but they work.
  • Hardwood/Carpet: rooms and hallways are carpeted, though the kitchens and bathrooms have tile.
  • Bonus: The Hartley Hospitality Desk is on the first floor, so if you lock yourself out, no need to hike across campus to get a temporary key. (And Mount Sinai is right across the street, so if you hurt yourself you just have to limp or crawl right around the corner to the ER!)

Room variety: Doubles and singles in large split-level suites (158 singles, 36 doubles), generally pretty small

Bwog recommendation:

I do not live here, but I did stay here for Days on Campus and know people who live here. Hartley is fine – it can be a little dirty (though this is highly dependent on the people in a given suite), and the rooms are on the smaller side. However, Hartley’s kitchens are quite nice if you’re not on a meal plan or just like cooking for yourself, and it’s very strategically located for CC students (you can dash from your bed to Hamilton in record time). Views vary, with some looking out over the quad, others over Amsterdam, and others towards Hamilton or Wallach. There’s only one RA per floor (meaning only one RA for multiple huge split-level suites), so rule of law is fairly lax.

The building has its pluses and minuses, but ultimately your suitemates are the wildcard. If you live with a bunch of clean, friendly people things will go very well, as opposed to living with antisocial trash goblins, but there’s not much way to know in advance if you’ll get one or the other or somewhere in between.

Resident opinions:

  • “It’s just very dependent on who you live with.”
  • “I feel like stuff breaks a lot because it’s an old building.”
  • “Corkboard-type wall material and the special rearrangeable shelves are both handy.”


Photo via Columbia

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  • TOD HOWARD HAWKS CC 66 says:

    @TOD HOWARD HAWKS CC 66 I lived in Hartley three out of my four years at the College (1962-66). The College was all-male then (unfortunately). I had matriculated to Columbia (which I loved) from Andover (which I hated). Got what I still believe is the world’s best undergraduate, liberal arts education (majored in American history). Was selected one of 25 out of over 40,000 College alumni to serve six years as a member of the Columbia College Alumni Board of Directors (1990-96). Have been a poet and human-rights advocate my entire adult life.

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