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What To Binge According To Bwog

This Bwogger knows she won’t be touching anything remotely academic for the next three weeks at least. Maybe she won’t even leave the couch. Here are some Bwog Staffer recommendations for what to watch now that we’ve all finally been released for the summer!

Russian Doll

Undoubtedly among the best TV to come out this year, Russian Doll’s eight hilarious, poignant, surprising, and moving half-hour episodes will have you immobilized until you’ve watched every single one in one go, and then over again. (Stream on Netflix)

Broad City

 After 5 seasons and 50 episodes, this monument to friendship in the shadow of ~doom~ the MTA has come to an end… which means it’s a perfect time to binge it. If you miss the city over the summer in all its frustrating, sticky, glory, let Abbi and Ilana take you around. (Stream on Hulu or Comedy Central with a cable subscription)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After its miraculous comeback from cancellation, this show is still one of the most reliably funny and heartfelt things on television. Short, 30-minute episodes lend themselves nicely to binging. (Stream on Hulu)

Literally just Season 1 of Westworld

I stopped at Episode 2 of Season 2, but I absolutely loved the first season. I highly doubt this is HBO’s next GOT, but just having Anthony Hopkins was enough to keep me hooked. (Stream on HBO)

Over the Garden Wall

Sure, it’s probably best for Halloween, but school will definitely have picked up by then and better early than never. If you’re yearning for the halcyon days of 2D animation, this is for you. Episodes are about 12 minutes, so you can do the entire season in the time it takes to just watch a movie. (Stream on Hulu)

Agent Carter

For Marvel fans and fans of more vintage-feeling shows, this is for you. The first (of only two RIPPP) season is on Hulu, even though it got canceled years ago. I honestly don’t know how long they’re planning on keeping it around so watch while you can! (Stream on Hulu)

Bojack Horseman

If you still haven’t seen this show, then you need to take the plunge now. It’s definitely not for everyone, but the clever humor is seamlessly integrated into conversations and images throughout each episode. There are hidden jokes and social commentary in every scene that make the show engaging. The bizarre format (an animated animal show with inappropriate, raunchy plot lines and characters) purposefully makes viewers uncomfortable at times but ultimately contributes to the humor. It’s meant to be weird–just accept it and enjoy the ride. (Stream on Netflix)

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  • netflix is bluepilled says:

    @netflix is bluepilled Educate yourselves. Open up youtube and binge Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, and Joe Rogan.

  • Anonymous says:

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