The weather has been kinda shitty for the past couple days. Here’s Bwoglines to take your mind off it.

Happening in the world: India’s lunar lander, the Chandrayaan-2, appears to have crashed in the final stages of its descent to the surface, putting off the country’s ambition to join the ranks of nations that have landed on the moon until a future mission. (New York Times)

Happening in the US: Hurricane Dorian is heading back out to sea after thrashing the Carolinas, but may graze New England (and probably make us all at least get our umbrellas or raincoats out) before moving on to hit Nova Scotia on Saturday. Somehow it’s expected to still be a Category One by then, even though I think Nova Scotia is, like, really far north. (CBS)

Happening in New York City: Some guy in the Bronx burned down his elderly wheelchair-bound landlord’s house with her inside and killed her, after getting mad when she kicked him out of her house, where he’d been living with her niece. For some reason it was also reported that she was one of 17 siblings, which is a lot of siblings, though none of them seem relevant in the story. (NY Daily News)

Happening on campus: The marching band is going to be in the final stretch of playing fight songs on the sundial for 24 straight hours! From yesterday at four until this afternoon (at four, obviously), they will be playing music in the quad. Please give them support or snacks or something, the weather is not good and they could freeze to death.

Mystery of the century: Why do I only ever see cyclists actually respect red lights on the West Coast?

Umbrellas are a public menace don’t @ me via Flickr