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Bwoglines: Dragonfly Is Set To Fly Edition

Guess who’s sending a car-sized “drone” back to Saturn (technically Saturn’s moon, Titan)? You’re right! NASA’s at it again. 

Happening in the World: Ecuador has started an investigation into a data breach which left approximately 20 million people’s data were made available online. It has not yet been indicated whether anyone gained access to the information while it was vulnerable. Ecuadorian officials have reported that they have a man in custody in connection to the data breach to be taken in for questioning. (NYTimes)

Happening in the US: After the success of the Cassini mission to Saturn, NASA has recently greenlit a probe, nicknamed Dragonfly, to return to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. The target was pinpointed due to information from Cassini, leaving scientists to believe that the unique planet has similar qualities to Earth, except with various (life-altering) changes, such as lakes of liquid methane instead of water. Dragonfly is estimated to be about the size of the car and is described as “self-driving.” This nuclear-powered drone is expected to launch in 2026 and arrive at Titan in 2034. (NPR)

Happening in NYC: New York City has announced that it will not penalize any students who miss class on Friday, September 20th to attend Climate Strike NYC, a protest happening three days before the United Nations Climate Actions Summit is held in New York. However, students still need the consent of their parents to miss class. The NY Department of Education reportedly will be providing teachers with guidelines about how to have productive and informed discussions about climate change. (NYTimes)

Happening on Campus: Tonight, Michael Burger, executive director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and senior research scholar and lecturer in law at Columbia Law School, discusses environmental law ahead of Peter Bower and Dana Neacsu’s fall publication of Introduction to U.S. Law, Policy, and Research: An Environmental Perspective. The event is being held in the Ella Weed Room in Milbank at 5:30 pm. (Barnard Events)

Documentary of the Week:  Hunt for the Wilderpeople, such an amazing movie! It’s funny, but it also almost made me cry at work while watching it.

look who it is!! it’s an artist rendition of Dragonfly via NASA

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Also in the U.S. Billionaire liberal Democrat donor Ed Buck was arrested for sex crimes this morning just weeks after Billionaire liberal Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging in his cell while awaiting trial for pedophilia.

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