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Don’t Sit Next To Me In An Empty Lecture Hall

If there are a million open seats in a lecture hall, please do not sit directly next to or in front of me! Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure what it is that makes people feel the need to sit either next to or in front of me. I’ve been told I have a nice face: not just in an aesthetic sense but in an ‘I’m gonna sit next to you and possibly tell you about the hardships of my week’ sense. Thanks for thinking I’m trustworthy, but please don’t feel the need to share this with me at 8:40 AM.

I am usually one of the first people in lecture halls because I get anxious about being late to class. So ninety percent of the time, the lecture hall is practically empty when I arrive. And I never sit right in the front row, usually in the third or fourth, so it’s not like I’m occupying a particularly sought after spot. But my seemingly undesirable preferred seating seems to tempt literally everyone. Not a week goes by where I am sitting in my seat, getting my notebook and writing supplies ready, and someone feels the need to sit down in my precious, precious personal space. And getting personal space in New York City is difficult in the first place.

Most recently, I sat down in the sixth row of a lecture hall about ten minutes before class started. I was the fourth person to sit down, with two people in the front row and one in the second. Therefore, the entirety of the third, fourth, and fifth rows were COMPLETELY EMPTY. This did not deter someone from sitting DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME anyways. Being unfortunately completely accustomed to this ordeal, I moved three seats to my left. About thirty seconds later, the sixth person enters the lecture hall and SITS DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN! Like, hello?? At this point, I stayed in my seat, still angry, and accepted my fate.

Before people come for me in the comments, there are exceptions to this grudge. As the start of class nears, obviously the lecture hall is going to fill up. Then definitely sit next to me! Or in front of me! And if I’m in a smaller classroom, again, I don’t mind. But DO NOT sit next to or in front of me if there are a plethora of other seating options in the empty lecture hall.

don’t sit next to me via pissed off Bwogger

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    @Anonymous Makes sense.

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