Here at Bwog, we had a weekend full of love, 1020 incidents, and fun!

Bwog sorted out relationships:

  • Wingmanned for my roomie by talking him up hardcore while smoking with the girl he’s kinda seeing.
  • Smoked on my roof with a b*y and it was cute and I liked it.
  • Hung out with my high school ex-boyfriend who was visiting; we ate really good tacos.
  • Kept getting hit with medication-induced hypoglycemia and almost passed out on a date at the Met.
  • Went to visit my boyfriend in Lancaster, PA and saw a lot of cows and pick-up trucks.
  • Saw my suitemate on Tinder.

Bwog went to 1020:

  • Got turned away trying to use a fellow Bwogger’s fake (bouncer: “what’s your birthday?” “me: February?”).
  • Avoided the scary bouncer.
  • Made a friend in the line after a friend ditched me. Got some life advice and a free drink after sparing him from a giant group of girls that threatened to cut us in line.
  • Watched people stare at the projector screen in horror while Showgirls (1995) was playing.

Bwog made some mistakes:

  • Tried to dye my hair blue with dollar store hair dye; immediately regretted it.
  • Drew – and felt proud of myself, if only for a minute before realizing I fucked up a leg.
  • Capsized our sailboat and had to get pulled back into the boat/saved by my ~male~ teammate.
  • Bumped into a TA from last semester at Morton Williams getting a 6 pack. Instead of saying hi to one another we both turned around at the same time and walked away.
  • Developed hives.
  • Played PUBG + ARK survival until 5am with a friend who’s in Melbourne. It was a mistake.

Bwog saw some stuff:

  • Went to study in milstein and saw yak in the fourth floor bathroom.
  • Went to the dollar store in Harlem and bought some sweet, sweet infant sunglasses.
  • Saw a sloth.
  • Saw the sights of Morningside Lights on college walk on Saturday – v pretty.
  • Spotted my favorite bodega cat and almost cried because he/she is so beautiful and pure and chunky.
  • Saw Lana del Rey live and it was truly a transformative experience. Bring on those fall sad girl vibes!

…And everything else in between:

  • Watched Liverpool vs. Chelsea game on laptop at Lerner and got into an argument with a Chelsea fan sitting behind me.
  • Was told by a first-year at an ISSO reunion that my “white name” would be Becky.
  • Set up for TWO (2) events in one night and made it to bed sober by 1 AM so i could finish my pset the next day. my mind.
  • Put an excessive amount of glitter on my body.
  • Participated in the theft of a table.
  • Dressed up like a sexy sexy alien.
  • Went to three parties in one night with full blown bacterial pneumonia.

Live shot of love, in the air via Wikimedia