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Field Notes: Turnstiles and Onion Rings Edition

Every Monday, Bwog Staff shares tidbits of what occurred in our lives that past week. Each member of Bwog Staff handled their first week of classes a different way.

Bwog Reacquainted Ourselves With Campus And Morningside Heights:

  • Took a peaceful walk along Riverside and through campus
  • Actually did my CC readings
  • Had Koronets, for lunch
  • Made it through a subway turnstile on the first try!
  • Got brunch w/ my bf :)
  • Reconnected with many friends I missed over the summer and my heart feels full!!!!
  • Did laundry for the first time in my new dorm where only four machines are working for a building of over 350 residents: it was quite the process
  • Went to my first class not having a thesis advisor and left with a thesis advisor
  • Realized how amazing it is that you can spend your whole life reading the work of a professor, and then finally take that class with that professor.
  • Visited a friend’s place in the east village and cried bc i wanna live in manhattan so bad

Bwog Got Messy:

  • Dressed up in our high school uniforms and went on a first day of school scavenger hunt with 3 of my best friends, in the process pretending that I was a jojo siwa ambassador
  • Went out 5 out of the 7 days of the first week of school :( had drunk roti roll on 3 of those days :(
  • Spilled white claw all over the floor of toms, a single incident in a series of unfortunately clumsy accidents
  • Made my lovely sweet friends leave a party, just to walk with me back to the exact same party
  • Got drunk and yelled about Harry styles
  • Drunkenly burnt tongue on pizza, 0/10 for burn, but 10/10 for pizza
  • Gave a family probably bad directions to the Empire State Building
  • Was encouraged to “take it off,” a proposition to which I consented, and woke up in a pile of dollar bills
  • Lesbian friend wanted to go to a gay bar. I took her to 1020 :(

Bwog Influenced Each Other’s Weekends:

  • Went to two concerts on one night and it was totally the right decision
  • Harassed said Bwogger for leaving said first concert early
  • Got too drunk and puked up some very nice onion rings :(
  • Bought onion rings at 2 in the morning and shared with another Bwogger after hanging out with the marching band at the Sun Dial at 1 AM

Send us the crazy shit you pull this week to to be featured in next week’s edition of Field Notes!

Koronets via Bwogger’s midday craving

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The way to deal with an ornery turnstile is to proceed firmly through, neither slow nor fast, but resolutely. Like everything else, a firm slow hand is best. If it complains, step slightly back and walk while swiping.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous bwog staff confirmed lame af

  • underrated says:

    @underrated “Lesbian friend wanted to go to a gay bar. I took her to 1020”

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous the whitest shit on earth is to live in harlem and go “i can’t wait to live in manhattan :(“

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous “Was encouraged to “take it off,” a proposition to which I consented, and woke up in a pile of dollar bills”
    Whoever did this is an actual whore

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous This is fucking disgusting. Why do you guys post this shit?

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