Every Monday, Bwog Staff shares tidbits of what occurred in our lives that past week. Each member of Bwog Staff handled their first week of classes a different way.

Bwog Reacquainted Ourselves With Campus And Morningside Heights:

  • Took a peaceful walk along Riverside and through campus
  • Actually did my CC readings
  • Had Koronets, for lunch
  • Made it through a subway turnstile on the first try!
  • Got brunch w/ my bf :)
  • Reconnected with many friends I missed over the summer and my heart feels full!!!!
  • Did laundry for the first time in my new dorm where only four machines are working for a building of over 350 residents: it was quite the process
  • Went to my first class not having a thesis advisor and left with a thesis advisor
  • Realized how amazing it is that you can spend your whole life reading the work of a professor, and then finally take that class with that professor.
  • Visited a friend’s place in the east village and cried bc i wanna live in manhattan so bad

Bwog Got Messy:

  • Dressed up in our high school uniforms and went on a first day of school scavenger hunt with 3 of my best friends, in the process pretending that I was a jojo siwa ambassador
  • Went out 5 out of the 7 days of the first week of school :( had drunk roti roll on 3 of those days :(
  • Spilled white claw all over the floor of toms, a single incident in a series of unfortunately clumsy accidents
  • Made my lovely sweet friends leave a party, just to walk with me back to the exact same party
  • Got drunk and yelled about Harry styles
  • Drunkenly burnt tongue on pizza, 0/10 for burn, but 10/10 for pizza
  • Gave a family probably bad directions to the Empire State Building
  • Was encouraged to “take it off,” a proposition to which I consented, and woke up in a pile of dollar bills
  • Lesbian friend wanted to go to a gay bar. I took her to 1020 :(

Bwog Influenced Each Other’s Weekends:

  • Went to two concerts on one night and it was totally the right decision
  • Harassed said Bwogger for leaving said first concert early
  • Got too drunk and puked up some very nice onion rings :(
  • Bought onion rings at 2 in the morning and shared with another Bwogger after hanging out with the marching band at the Sun Dial at 1 AM

Send us the crazy shit you pull this week to tips@bwog.com to be featured in next week’s edition of Field Notes!

Koronets via Bwogger’s midday craving