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I Asked Random Barnumbia Students What Their Favorite Songs Were And Judged Them

Baby Bwogger and Barnard First-Year Sarah Perry faced her fear of approaching random people in the dining halls.

It’ll be great, I said. It’ll bring me out of my shell and make me more confident, I said. My mission? To reach out to other people and ask them what their current favorite song is. My result? A few good songs and only a little bit of anxiety!

To work myself up to actually approaching random people, I talked with Aditi (who is in my Reacting to the Past class and also a new Bwogger) who recommended Sugar by BROCKHAMPTON. When I listened to this song I was honestly kind of surprised! Did I understand it? No, not really. It was kind of a bop though, but at the same time very loud, earning it a respectable 6 rappers out of 10.

Next I asked Defni, a new Spec reporter (boo) who interviewed me so I interviewed her back in retaliation. She recommended GONE, GONE/THANK YOU by Tyler the Creator. It was a smooth bop at first, which I enjoyed, but then WAIT – there’s a second section? Wow. It’s very artsy to combine two songs on one track. Solid 6 mixed genres out of 10.

Caroline, who sat next to me in Intro to Euro History, recommended One Way Trigger by The Strokes. This song was a HARD bop! I like this. Probably not everyone would like this. There’s a super catchy riff through the entire song that caught my attention. Definite potential to go on my circulating playlist, which puts it at a chunky 8 rock bands out of 10.

Liam, who was standing in the pasta line at Ferris, recommended Escapade by Kenny Dorham. When I asked him what his favorite song was, he said, shyly, “Well, I like jazz.” I said, “I do too, actually, lol.” Boy, did this song not disappoint. When I started listening to this song I was immediately transported to a smoky jazz lounge. Suddenly everything was like an old film noir movie. I’m a 40-year old detective taking a long drag of a cigarette while making eye contact with a sultry dancer across the room. I enjoy jazz songs, probably more than your average freshman girl, and this one is going straight into my jazz playlist. This song earns a shining 11 saxophones out of 10!!!

Lauren, a Barnard student eating lunch in Hewitt at a table next to mine, recommended Sky Above by Jacob Collier. This was a vastly different vibe than the last song. I was transported to many places as I listened to this song. First, a chill barnyard in the 1800s. Then, like, the sky. This song took me on a journey and made me feel like everything is ok, and I got the sense that Lauren has her life together. This song gets a comforting 8 meditation sessions out of 10.

Josh, who my roommate called out to as he was passing us in Hewitt, said that Creep by Radiohead is his favorite song. This is a solid classic that I haven’t listened to in a while and I felt a little nostalgic but also a little bit like a creep, a weirdo, as one would say. This song gets 8 creeps out of 10.

Next, Jackie, an unsuspecting victim in Hewitt, recommended G Train by Thirdstory. This song has got a nice beat, it’s actually really catchy and I would for sure listen to this again, maybe even regularly. 8 sad trains out of 10.

Camille, also eating in Hewitt, recommended Good as Hell by Lizzo. Can Our Lady of the Beats, Lizzo, do any music wrong? I propose that the answer is no. This is a very catchy song and reaffirmed my Lizzo fanaticism. This song is, literally, good as hell, and it earns 9 badass ladies out of 10.

Em, who was sitting next to Camille, recommended Storms by Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac is a classic band that I really need to listen to more of. There were so many chill vibes in this song, and yet I felt a sense of longing as I listened. For what? A deceased lover? A hug? Probably more Fleetwood Mac songs. A good 8 Stevie Nicks out of 10.

Lastly, Roberto, who I think provided a pseudonym, recommended Marvins Room by Drake. This song has sad clubbing vibes, like I feel most Drake songs do. Honestly, the piano at the end was what really got me. Roberto, you alright, dude? This song earns 7 Drake memes out of 10.

girl jamming out via Wikimedia

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  • Bwog Dog says:

    @Bwog Dog What wonderful reporting!

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