The application deadline will not be extended, as we’ve already gotten enough applications to fill the roles. Just FYI. 

Applications are due tonight to apply to be a Staff Writer or Daily Editor for Bwog for this upcoming semester. We here at Bwog know that any time a club extends their application deadline, it just means that they got no applications to their position. Well, the email has been popping off for days now with stunning talent. Some of them don’t even go to Columbia, they were just so psyched about Bwog that they had to apply!

If you’re still on the fence about applying, you should definitely do it! If you get the job but decide not to go through with it, it puts you in the fun position of getting to reject a club instead of the other way around. How many times do you get that chance? But you should still go through with it. The application is pretty fun.

Application information to be a Daily Editor can be found here.

Application information to be a Staff Writer can be found here. 

Both applications are due tonight at 11:59 pm.