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Bwog Thinks Up 56 Ways To Celebrate Fall!

Think back to all the elementary school classroom decorations! Getting a new winter coat! Pumpkin carving with your siblings! Going to apple orchards! Decorations!  When we’re bogged down with midterms, it’s hard to put that extra effort into celebrating the season! But still–let’s give it our best shot!

So, you might ask, what can we college students do to really celebrate and notice the changing seasons? Bwog Staffers have compiled this list of wholesome suggestions… can you complete them all?


  • Swap out your off-white fairy lights with orange ones
  • Get strands of fake fall leaves from the Michaels on Columbus and 100th
  • Purchase at least (1) pumpkin spice good
  • Candy corn!
  • Carve a pumpkin with your suitemates/roommate, roast the seeds for snacks
  • Make soup
  • Stroll through Central Park to look at the leaves while listening to Billy Holiday and Frank Sinatra
  • Get really tiny pumpkins (I have a bunch on my window sill!!!)
  • Buy apple cider and heat it up with some cinnamon and spices :-)
  • Light an illegal candle
  • Buy or make pumpkin bread
  • Go all the way to Pennsylvania to get gingersnaps, cause why not?
  • Go apple-picking upstate (or just buy cheap apples from H Mart!)
  • Get all dressed up in your nice fall outfit even though it’s like 70º
  • Knit some sweaters for the pigeons
  • Visit Eataly’s Serra d’Autunno Seasonal Rooftop at the Flatiron Building
  • Tell southerners and Californians “Yes, it gets colder than this” to watch them panic
  • Lend your warm clothing to southern or Californian friends who didn’t bring enough winter stuff
  • Make fun of people wearing Canada Goose
  • Bring out the plaid and houndstooth
  • Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Get the pumpkin spice cheesecake from Hungarian Pastry
  • Add another blanket to your pile
  • Take a Fall Foliage Tour at the New York Botanical Garden
  • Listen to Red by Taylor Swift and feel slightly emotional in the chilly autumnal air
  • Buy cinnamon
  • Put on a shit ton of moisturizer
  • …there’s a Halloween dog parade on October 19th???
  • Bring out the beanies!!! Make all your friends wear beanies with you
  • No more regular wine only mulled wine!
  • Curse the drizzle
  • Try eating some Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Marshmallow Latte scented lotion
  • Subway down to the 96th Street Trader Joe’s to admire its fall-themed products, but don’t buy anything, just observe
  • Look up Halloween costume ideas online and plan your costume!
  • Go to Joe’s and realize it’s October because of the decorations on their cold brew dispensers
  • Bake apple pie
  • Watch Over the Garden Wall 
  • Buy a cinnamon broomstick to make your room smell good
  • Collect dead leaves to roll around and crunch in
  • Wear clothing of the following colors: mustard, burgundy, red, brown, orange, camel, etc.
  • Paint your nails those same colors! Dark and moody and sophisticated!
  • Break out that one tan H&M jacket you’ve been waiting all year to wear again
  • Get a space heater (Columbia Housing, don’t read this)
  • Don’t go to Target at Penn Station the day before the Thanksgiving Day Parade just to buy the good laundry detergent
  • Get cuffed lmao jk don’t
  • Just kidding… unless?
  • Do fucking NOT
  • Wait for dead rats to decompose in Riverside Park and steal their skeletons for ~sPoOkY~ Halloween decor
  • Rewatch Twin Peaks
  • Take a pumpkin spice latte bath
  • Get yourself some Halloween decorations from University Hardware
  • Cry about midterms while eating apple cider donuts
  • Watch Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fall in love in You’ve Got Mail
  • Make pumpkin-flavored-and-shaped pasta, eat pumpkin Madeleines, and drink pumpkin ale, all via Trader Joe’s
  • Listen to Monster Mash :)
  • Do fall-themed flavored condoms exist? Pumpkin spice condoms?

~Westside Pumpkins via Bwog Archives

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