Ease out of your Halloweekend Hangover and into reality with today’s Bwoglines.

Happening in the World: Australia’s iconic rock site, Uluru, is undergoing serious change. The Anangu tribe celebrates the 1,140-foot tall rock as a sacred traditional space belonging to the indigenous people of Australia. On the other hand, hikers and climbers from around the world claim to cherish the special monument in their own way–through summiting–while maintaining proper respect for the land. Evidently, controversy ensues over how to designate Uluru going forward: public space to ascend or tribal land to leave untouched? (NBC)

Happening in the US: Wildfires in California cause Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to caution millions of residents about the possibility that their power will be shut off. The company is aiming to protect its customers in preparation for extreme wind events, but their warnings and announcements are far from definitive. The warnings arrive amidst the evacuation of about 50,000 people from their homes. (BBC)

Happening in New York: On a lighter note, Nordstrom opens a brand new flagship store in New York City! Maybe you’re down in the dumps because your partner left you, midterms went horrendously, or your wardrobe feels jaded; all are valid reasons to desire some retail therapy. This new flagship location flaunts its grandeur with seven floors of merchandise with a total of 320,000 square feet of shopping heaven! (CBS Local)

Happening on Campus: It’s Halloweekend (part 1?), but if you’re open to an alternative kind of celebration, come to Nonseq’s Midsemester Concert tonight at 7 pm in Lerner 555. Showing off their newbie members, the show, entitled “Seqs and the City” will include the seven new vocal additions that round out the group to 19 talented performers! Collaborating with SHARP, this a capella experience is not to be missed. Plus, as the Facebook description says, “it’s free, it’s fun, it’s a cappella, baby!!” (Facebook)

Weekly Song Recommendation: “Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club lands you in the era of permed hair, neon clothes, and funky geometric earrings, and nothing could be more welcome. Just have some fun, natural fun.

shopping central via Wikimedia