Blue Bin 288 takes over Columbia Admissions’ insta story for a day!

Hey guys, my name is Blue Moving Bin 288, but you can call me 288 for short. At Columbia, I work closely with Housing and the Student Mail Center—basically, I’m your go to for carrying heavy things :) I live on the first floor of Hartley Hall, and I’m super excited to show you a day in my life!


9:00 AM:

Every morning when I wake up, I get dressed in my blue uniform (I wonder why it isn’t Columbia blue??), and get right to work! The first month of the semester was extremely hectic and exhausting, but now that everyone’s Amazon shopping impulses have calmed down a bit, my job has become a lot easier. Today’s been pretty chill so far. I’ll update you guys in a bit!

10:00 AM:

The best part of my day is going down the ramps! Weeeeeeeee 

11:00 AM:

Meet two of my friends—336 and 547! They’re my coworkers and we’ve been hanging out together all morning.

12:00 PM:

Quick rant: one of my coworkers is kinda annoying and pretentious… He thinks he’s better than us because he gets checked out most often. I wonder why people keep on laughing at his name, 420, though? 

1:00 PM:

Another quick rant: why are the elevators in Wien so goddamn small?? I always have to squeeze my way in and I’m constantly terrified of getting stuck. 

2:00 PM:

STORYTIME: so this group of first-years just walked up to me and started wheeling me out the door without checking me out first?? I was like “wtf” and kinda shrugged it off but then one of them proceeded to RIDE. IN. ME. The DISRESPECT. 

3:00 PM:

ahhhh I’m so embarrassed!! I was being wheeled back to Hartley, everything was going great, until we passed by this tour group standing in front of Wallach, and the rumbling of my wheels was so loud that people in the group actually turned to look at me! I’m so sorry I just can’t control it!!!

4:00 PM:

Actually, the best part of my day is seeing the look on people’s faces when they get their packages. It’s incredibly wholesome. A few hefty cardboard boxes are enough to make humans overjoyed, and it makes my job worth it :)

5:00 PM

TGIF! My shift ends at six today (fall hours have begun at the mail center)! A gentle reminder that you can’t get your packages on Sunday anymore because it’s officially Columbia~Person~Autumn~

6:00 PM:

That’s it for today guys, hope you enjoyed a day in my life! <3


Selfie via Blue Bin 288