This past weekend at Bwog, we tried some new things, was sad, and interacted with animals.

Bwog tried some new things:

  • Went to The Heights for the first time in my 2.25 years here to celebrate my gf’s 21st, and realized why I never really made an effort to go there before.
  • Got trapped in a 1020 booth with my girlfriend for like an hour while her two friends were flirting with a couple of former Columbia students.
  • Studied my ass off.
  • Being newly single, I hit the town and scored some fantastic rebound sex. I’m BACK, bitches!!!!!!!! it’s cocktober!!!!!!!!!
  • Went to my first gay bar.
  • Purchased my first midi skirt.

Bwog was sad:

  • Went out three nights this weekend to forget about my multi midterm.
  • My computer broke down which caused me to have a breakdown! #funtimes
  • Watched my best friend and other friend/ex person-i-had-a-thing-with kiss on Instagram live.
  • Cried over a rat.
  • Cried because I dropped puzzle pieces into the void behind the ac unit in my room.

Bwog interacted with animals:

  • Grabbed a pigeon out of the air.
  • Chased some pigeons.
  • Saw five rats at one time on the Georgetown campus.
  • Almost hit a deer coming back from DC.

Party via Wikimedia