Broken glass is not a food.

Last night, Barnard senior Eliana Kalman was halfway through her slice of Boston creme pie only to feel something hard on her molars. Her friend, Amsal Madhani, heard a crunch as the glass shattered in Eliana’s mouth. In an email sent to Bwog on Friday night, Eliana shared pictures of broken glass about the size of her thumb nail.


According to Eliana, at least one other person had taken a slice before the dining staff removed the pie from the dessert nook, but she is not aware of any related complaints. In a follow up, she told Bwog her initial reaction was “what the fuck”. Once she realized the staff wasn’t going to offer her any hush money, she once again, thought “what the fuck”. If she could describe this whole experience in three words, it would be “what the fuck”.

Bwog will provide updates as the story progresses. Read this throwback for other glass-related dining experiences.

Photos via Eliana Kalman