Bwog is like Gossip Girl but better.

Fun fact you might not know: Bwog accepts anonymous tips.

Do you know some hot gossip about the Diana smoothies? Find a thumbtack in your potatoes? Is there a rat infestation in your room that Housing won’t deal with? Do you have a bad feeling about a club’s administration that you want someone to investigate? Is there something, light-hearted or serious, that Bwog should be covering but it isn’t?

Lucky you! You can submit an anonymous tip to Bwog either at this link or by emailing All tips are 100% confidential – we will never reveal who you are without your consent. We take confidentiality seriously, as we also do our investigative work. We’re not a gossip rag that’s just going to post whatever comes our way: we’re going to follow up on your tip and figure out what’s really going on.

Running a campus news blog is #hard and Tips is essential to how we work. Love letters, complaints, questions, thirst traps, course evaluations, and Amazon gift cards can also be sent to Tips.

real photo of me after telling a secret via Public Domain Pictures