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Columbia/Barnard Dining Halls As Posts Bwog Has Written About Columbia/Barnard Dining Halls

Have you ever sat in front of your computer and thought, “I wonder what else Bwog can compare dining halls to? Surely they must have run out of things by now.”  You were wrong.  Now we introduce Meta-Bwog.

John Jay:

Dining Hall Reviews, Core-Style

I believe John Jay truly embodies the essence of Columbia College.  It looks pretty and grand but then you look around a little bit and it’s full of stress and mediocre food.  And what is more Columbia College than the core?  This union of two distinctly CC things seemed obvious.


Drink Recipes With Shit You Steal From The Dining Halls

In my opinion, JJ’s is defined by two things: drunkenness and chaos.  As the only dining hall open until the wee hours of the morning, JJ’s is often home to hordes of incapacitated Columbia students ready to make poor choices.  This article combines two of my favourite pastimes: kleptomania and drinking to forget.  These incredibly similar themes made this the obvious choice.


Dining Halls Should Serve Cereal At Every Meal

As the only dining hall (as far as I know) that has cereal at every meal this seemed to be a no brainer.  Although Hewitt often strikes out when it comes to what students want, it really hit the nail on the head for this one.  Well done, Hewitt.  I love Rasin Bran at every meal.


Shit People Steal From Dining Halls

Ferris is no doubt the easiest dining hall to steal food from.  It’s usually pretty crowded and a lot of things are just laying around ready for the taking!  Especially those cartons of milk in the fridge. My roommates and I have never bought milk for our room.  Ever. If you are at all upset by this I would like to defend my actions with a quote from my roommate, “Hey! It’s not stealing!  We swiped in!”


Which Best Picture Nominee Are You Based Off Of Your On-Campus Dining Preference?

Culture.  Class.  Artistry.  You can expect all these things and more from the Diana Center Cafe.  This dining hall is clean and has food I am actually excited to eat sober!  This article is like Diana, showing that it too cares about what is currently popular with students and shows a sense of refinement that can only be found in the cinemas or the build your own pizza line.


The superior dining hall via the Bwog archives

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    @Anonymous Y’all really scraping the bottom of the barrel, huh?

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