Sweet potatoes for breakfast or lunch or a dinner side dish or a savory snack! This Bwogger has the perfect 5-minute microwave method for making the tastiest, easiest sweet potato you’ve ever eaten.

The sweet potato is synonymous with fall, so naturally I bought four or five at Westside over fall break. My excitement grew steadily with each step toward the checkout line… would I roast them? Mash them? Turn them into sweet potato pancakes? No, no, no–too much effort. I walked into my suite kitchen and the solution to my problem looked me right in the eyes. Minimal effort? Maximum speed and efficiency? The microwave. Easy, neat, and tasty, I hope you enjoy sweet potatoing the days away until winter break!

Ingredients: one sweet potato, one pat of butter, one splash of maple syrup, one scoop whole-grain mustard, one dash of salt, and one dash of pepper

  1. Wash that sweet potato! Scrub the hell out of it! The skin is super tasty and nutritious, but can sometimes still have dirt on it from the sweet potato’s birth and adolescence spent underground.
  2. Stab with a knife or fork approximately seven times at random points around the potato. This is an important step! It provides ritual release of any negative emotions and ensures that pressure will not build within your potato and cause it to explode after cooking.
  3. Place on a plate and microwave for 3 minutes (2.5 if a small potato).
  4. Rotate potato to the other side, and microwave for another 2 minutes (1.5 if a small potato).
  5. Upon completion, the potato should be sufficiently soft and squishy! But don’t burn your fingers!
  6. Slice your potato open right down the middle. You’re attached to him by now but can show no mercy.
  7. Plop on the pat of butter. Splash on some maple syrup. Spread a glob of mustard. Dash a dash of salt. Dash a splash of pepper.
  8. Enjoy your fiber-rich, nutritious fall treat :)

~photo via Bwog Staff