An anonymous Bwogger witnessed the most horrifying sight known to man….

I can’t even believe I am writing this article, but a problem has overtaken this campus, and I’ve had enough. Last week, as I walked into the second floor restroom of Milbank Hall, I could not believe my eyes when I viewed a gleaming, red, reusable coffee mug on top of the toilet seat. 

I was disgusted and outraged by this blatant lack of human decency. I can think of several other places–literally any other location in that restroom–that would have been a better spot to put your mug. Even the inside of the toilet would have been a preferable location, as there at least would have been no easy way to reclaim it. You could have placed your mug on the floor or even OUTSIDE the restroom–any spot that would not leave your cup to be violated like this. 

You not only placed your coffee cup on the seat while you used the restroom, but left it behind for others to contaminate as well. I prayed that no one would come back to reclaim this cup that lay open and vulnerable, directly on top of a vehicle meant for human excretion. Ultimately, though, the fate of this cup remains a mystery. 

I do not mean to shame you if you are the person who left your coffee mug on that toilet seat, but hopefully this is motivation to change your actions for the future. 

my stomach is turning via Bwog staff