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Field Notes: Fall Break Edition

This fall break at Bwog, we took a break.

Bwog kept it spooky for a little longer:

  • Got concussed, then performed at the village Halloween parade concussed.
  • Dressed as: Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain for Halloween as a power move; Cinderella; that one picture of The Rock from the 90s; slutty Cornell.
  • Got mistaken for Paddington (my costume was slutty Coraline, so they got sort of close).
  • Dressed as a Barnard dad for Halloween; people thought I was Wayne from Wayne’s World OR a frat boy. Love to see it. 
  • Did an edible then marched in the Halloween parade.

Bwog escaped the city:

  • Visited the great granite state.
  • Went to Philly and saw some friends from high school.
  • Went home to vote (!!!).
  • Rejected society and went to our Managing Editor Zack’s house in Long Island, tasted the suburban life (and slept at normal hours, restoring my immune system).
  • Took the LIRR for the first time.
  • Took the Metro North for the first time.
  • Took some Columbia friends home with me and made them do farm work.
  • Went hiking with my very earthy crunchy brother.
  • Took the train upstate to visit my boyfriend and the train decided to stop for like half an hour right before my stop???
  • Turned 21 finally at Disney World.

…or didn’t:

  • Knitted a lot because that’s all I’m allowed to do.
  • Went to the MOMA, The Met, and Storm King.
  • Was on the subway when someone hijacked the microphone, who then asked us to add him on Snapchat.
  • Said subway decided to skip 116th, so my friend and I had to walk 13 blocks at 9 a.m. after Halloween drinking, where we saw the most beautiful man in existence wearing a crushed velvet green blazer.

Bwog unwinded:

  • Did not leave my house for the entire break.
  • Did not drive the entire time I was home.
  • Saw two 10/10 films in theaters (Parasite + The Irishman)
  • Went to Florida to visit my grandparents and slept an average of 13 hours a day while I was there.
  • Read some bomb poetry on the train.
  • Went home, hung out with my cat.
  • Tried to learn how to skip rocks, failed. 

…or didn’t:

  • Was woken up every time I fell asleep by my siblings or dog.
  • Caught the flu from my sixteen-year-old cat.
  • Accidentally made my 80-year-old grandpa walk 20 blocks.
  • Got into a fight with OpenTable customer service.
  • Crammed a Shakespeare play the night before it was due & doesn’t understand any of it.
  • Was up past 6 three nights running doing dumb shit; started getting sick as a result of my poor choices.
  • Got a shitload of books from Butler stacks and offsite requests for a paper I remain totally unequipped to write.
  • Stayed in a Milstein study room for hours watching my friends slowly go insane; threw a bunch of pens across said Milstein study room and it felt great.

Bwog rejected John Jay fall break ‘food’:

  • Had the Popeyes chicken sandwich.
  • Lied that I was a writer at the Atlantic to get a table at a fully booked restaurant.
  • Went to the airport Whataburger at 3 PM to get a honey butter chicken biscuit (God’s gracious gift to this universe) and realized the breakfast menu wasn’t out yet :(
  • Made dumplings in the Carman lounge with my friends.

Bwog had special moments:

  • Went back to the U.K. to surprise my mum and she almost fainted with shock.
  • My dad came to visit! Had champagne on the Hudson – very lovely <3
  • Baked so much cake with my best friend.
  • Walked my dog :))) he was happy to see me :)))
  • Drove!!!! omg I missed driving!!
  • Went to the zoo and learned that they use traffic cones as masks to anesthetize toucans because it’s the only thing that’ll fit their beaks!!!

…or the popular alternative:

  • Slept
  • Slept
  • Slept
  • Pondered existential dread.
  • Slept.

95% of us via Bwog Archives


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