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Field Notes: Love And Sadness Edition

Love was in the air at Bwog this weekend, but so was sadness.Bwog tried love:

  • Went on a romantic date with a guy from bumble. Started with a picnic in Central Park and ended with drinking whiskey from a mug while watching Indiana Jones.
  • Hooked up with a dude who’s a lead in Dear Evan Hanson.
  • Went on a really effing cute Bryant park winter market date, which included both my girlfriend and me falling on our asses while we were skating, me burning my tongue on apple cider, and me almost spending like $60 on various kinds of maple syrup (but I resisted!).
  • Cried over my high school English teacher’s Instagram for her and her husband’s anniversary. Love isn’t dead, y’all.
  • Bumped into the guy that I met at the Heights last week who had texted me/I had ignored the text of at 1020 (he asked me to dinner and I told him third times the charm aka he has to find me in a third bar for it to happen).
  • Had really really good sex.
  • Had my former dating app match get me an awesome legal internship for the year at a multi-million dollar company.
  • Went to a church party to reunite with a former hookup.

Bwog also tried sad love:

  • Ran into too many former hookups at 1020. Ended up getting smoked out in the bathroom to ease the pain.
  • Pondered my relationship.
  • My doctor randomly asked, “Are you close with your father?” in the middle of my appointment. What a wonderful question to answer at 10:15 in the morning!
  • Accidentally cockblocked someone, was remorseful, then said person proceeded to be a huge jerk so I’m not so remorseful now.
  • Had bad sex.

Bwog had fun with Bwoggers:

  • Had SO MUCH FUN doing some swing dancing with my Bwog big ;) ;)
  • Had lots of fun with Bwoggies, then had an edible kick in 2 hours after I took it, causing me to sit perfectly still on the 1020 couch for an unknown period of time.
  • Had a Bwogger feed me a Muscle Milk while I was sitting on another redacted Bwogger’s couch because I ate too much ~chocolate~ and was straight up not having a good time.

And everything else in between:

  • Wore a turtleneck to a spa themed party.
  • Realized my addiction to flaming cheese.
  • Pregamed with 1-month-old Gatorade (as in it was straight up from homecoming) in a frat basement. Not my highest point.
  • Had a $750 dinner at Community with my friends on Bumble’s tab.
  • Was drunk for 60 straight hours, approximately.
  • Screamed my head off to “We Are Young” at the CLUB!!!!!!!
  • Drank jungle juice out of a champagne glass and champagne straight out of a bottle
  • Hung out with one of my childhood best friends who came to visit. Tried to get her into an EC party but every single person I knew from EC was inexplicably in Brooklyn. ended up going to beta and having a decent night regardless.
  • Ate some *delicious* Chinese food in Chinatown.
  • Absolutely destroyed my body’s eating and sleeping rhythms.

Sad Rose via Maxpixel

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