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MoHi Establishments That Should Have A Late-Night Component

Since Junzi introduced its “After Hours” in fall 2017, Junzi Late Night has been nothing short of revolutionary. Lychee vodka juice box cocktails, delicious small plates (colloquially known as tiny yum-yums), and on top of it all, WBAR collabs? Genius. Pure, unadulterated genius.

In short, Junzi Late Night has thus far been a time and a half. But especially given the administration’s relentless pursuit of The Perpetual War on Fun™, why should we limit our late-night tomfoolery to only Junzi and the few campus bars? Many MoHi establishments could really, truly benefit from having late-night hours. In fact, I already have a few in mind! Don’t worry, I won’t charge for my professional advice this time.

  • The UPS Store. If you’ve ever frequented the MoHi UPS store, it’s quite dreary. And what better to spruce the melancholy of the UPS store than – yes, the solution to all of our problems here at Columbia – fun alcoholic drinks? Mail-themed drink specials, a shipping-floor-turned-dance floor, oh my! The possibilities are truly endless.
  • The Cathedral of St. John’s The Divine. Just hear me out. I know this might not be exactly in line with the morals and values Christianity seeks to uphold, but honestly, this late-night would be pretty spectacular. Picture this: Closed on Sunday on repeat, drinking on those broad church steps, and the religious art as a backdrop for your Insta photos. Maybe it’s flippant, even bordering on heretic, but at least it’ll sure be darn fun!
  • Janoff’s. Three words, eleven letters, say it and I’m yours. “Paint and sip.”
  • Joe’s NoCo. With those expansive floor-to-ceiling views of Broadway, Joe’s NoCo could very well be the Columbia equivalent of those covered rooftop bars in midtown that club promoters text you about at 10 AM in the morning: “Gonna be fire!!! Wanna join my table?” And let’s be honest here, nothing can quite put you in the partying mood like views of…….Teachers’ College?
  • Shaking Crab. If you’ve ever passed by the burgundy exteriors of this restaurant on the way to The Heights, you’ve probably asked yourself: “What in the actual fresh hell is this restaurant supposed to be?” Shaking Crab has been described as a Cajun-style seafood restaurant, but let’s be real, if you tried really hard, you could probably convince us that this was a children’s aquarium or a sunglasses/dinosaur figurine retailer. But you know what? The mystique of this oft-passed restaurant is exactly what deems it THE perfect candidate for a late-night establishment. It’s the ideal tabula rasa. A late-night component would give it a chance for the restaurant to reinvent itself! They could even hold a sick Under the Sea themed event.
  • The CVS on 110/Broadway. Here’s a winning concept: Gummy vitamins as vodka gummies. (It could be fun! And healthy, sorta!) Plus, if you asked me who my ideal wing-woman was, I would say the ghost of closed-down Rite-Aid past. And those two reasons are exactly why CVS on 110/Broadway needs a late night.

after hours via bwog staff

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