Today we’ll take you through through the best, worst, and most on-brand posts from the r/Columbia subreddit.

  1. How to get food in Butler: a step-by-step guide: Perhaps the most beautiful piece of prose ever written by a Columbia student, this ingenious method will solve ALL of your problems. All of them, provided you have five gallons of milk and a small wagon.
  2. go lionsThis one is for all you ambitious and rebellious artistes out there. Have a look for yourself
  3. nice: This one touches on Columbia’s extremely niche and refined sense of humor. Don’t feel bad about yourself if you don’t fully grasp the nuances of the joke.
  4. Anyone else here feel like they’re really lame and dumb?: Gonna go on a limb and say yes, Redditor, others do feel this way. In fact, this post is a great reminder that you certainly are not the only one who feels stupid at times. We’re all stupid! Learn to embrace it <3
  5. Columbia’s first website, launched in December 1996. I was in my second year in SEAS, and we all used Netscape Navigator.: This one is for everyone who’s looking for the intersection between vaporwave-esque nostalgia and school pride.
  6. The fucking puddles….: Need I say more?
  7. PSA: Pumpkin cheesecake in Hungarian cured veganism: Wow. The power that that has. Funny enough, I’ve never actually been to HPS. Where is it? Is it a myth? This Redditor seems to have found salvation within…
  8. Fuck you Columbia housing: “Absolutely outrageous you make us move out by midday. Fuck you. That’s all.”


Well, there you go. Why did I choose an arbitrary number such as 8? It’s because /r/columbia is actually a horrible place and mostly consists of overzealous high school students trying to find the secret password to get in and people complaining about stuff because this school is a breeding ground for entitled assholes.

all images via /r/columbia