A 13-year-old male was arrested on Thursday in connection with the passing of Tess Majors, a freshman at Barnard College, according to reports in multiple news outlets.

According to CNN, the individual was found in the lobby of a nearby building with a knife, wearing clothes that matched the original description of a “male with a green jacket” sent out to students in a Wednesday alert from Columbia Public Safety. The arrested individual mentioned two other possible suspects and the investigation into their involvement is still ongoing. Bwog has contacted NYPD, but a spokesman reported that the investigation is ongoing and no further information can be released at this time.

This news comes as campus is deeply shaken by the tragedy. On Wednesday night, the news of Tess Majors’ death was sent out to students at Barnard and Columbia through a Clery Crime alert. Since then, the campus has been in a state of mourning, and two vigils have been held to commemorate Tess’s memory, one on Barnard’s campus and another hosted by anti-violence activists outside Morningside Park.

Multiple organizations have chosen to cancel traditional end-of-semester events like the Columbia Marching Band’s Orgo Night and Barnard’s Midnight Breakfast to honor Tess’s memory. Columbia Psychological Services, as well as Barnard’s Furman Center, have extended hours, and students were emailed by President Bollinger that counselors and specialists are available to discuss the incident at the Columbia Morningside, Barnard, and Columbia University Medical Center campuses. Public Safety emailed on Thursday encouraging students to utilize 24/7 walking safety escorts and affirmed that there is currently an enhanced public safety presence on Morningside Drive. Numbers and hours for these services will be listed at the end of this post.

In an email from Barnard deans, they told students that Provost Linda Bell has sent a letter to faculty members at Barnard and Columbia requesting that they provide accommodations, including make-up exams and extensions, for students affected by the news of Tess’s passing. They encouraged students to speak to individual faculty members first if accommodations were needed or if students planned to complete work as normal. Class Deans will be available to help anyone who needs assistance drafting emails or managing their workload. If students do not take their exams in the current finals period and ask for deferrals, their grades will be held through an “X” on their transcripts. This “X” will be replaced when make-up exams are taken in January. All fees for deferred exams will be waived. According to The Columbia Spectator, Provost Bell told faculty that students should still fill out the proper paperwork, but all students who request a deferment or incomplete should receive one and faculty can help facilitate the process for students if needed.

Campus Resources:

Furman Counseling Center: (212)-854-7777 (open on Friday until 7 pm and over the weekend from 11 am-2 pm)

Dean of Studies Office: 105 Milbank Hall, (212) 854-2024

Columbia Public Safety: (212) 854-5555 (calls answered 24/7)

Barnard Public Safety: (212) 854-6666 (calls answered 24/7)

After-hours psychological emergency line: (855) 622-1903

Berick Center for Student Advising: (212) 854-6378

Nightline Peer-Listening: (212) 854-7777, 10 pm-3 am through the end of the semester

Counseling and Psychological Services: (212) 854-2878, Walk-in hours this weekend from 11:00 am to 2 pm on the fifth floor of Lerner, in addition to their regular hours and drop-in sessions.

The auditorium of Earl Hall will be available today from 3 – 6 pm for all students, faculty and staff to be in community with one another.